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Christina Aguilera Fans
Thanks for makin' me a fighter!
Xtina_Fans MOD Post! 
Monday, August 24, 2015 @ 07:42 pm
I am so sorry for not updating xtina_fans as much lately! I have a great reason for partially being M.I.A., I promise! After 10 or so years of obsessing over the papillon dog breed, the same breed that Xtina's dogs, Stinky and Chewy are... I have my very own!

Meet Zoe, my papillon dog!

She was born May 20th, 2015. I adopted her on my birthday, August 8th. I am over the moon in love with her!

Does anyone else own a papillon, like Xtina too?

For now, I've added some posts to the queue to keep it running for a little bit. I will try to get on a little more to update here when things settle down, but will keep adding to the queue some more in the meantime. Hope every one is doing okay!
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